Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cute Lions

Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I've posted. :0
   So my favorite animal is the lion. I have some really cute pictures of them. Here they are!! Green Bird <3


Monday, July 1, 2013

Home school musical

Hey! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been really busy and I kept forgetting. Anyways, I am in a movie with some of my friends. It is called "Home school Musical." It is like a version of High School Musical but when they were younger. We had auditions Saturday and I got the Part as Kelsi the Piano Player!! I am really happy that I got her part. I even started learning some of You Are The Music In Me from the second movie. Oh, and it isn't like a big thing, but a movie that some friends wanted to put together. 

check out She has some really good posts!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Orgami Cranes

Last week, Tuki and I learned about paper cranes! In Japan, they say if you make one thousand paper cranes, you get one wish! So,we are going to make one thousand! So far, I have only made three. :) Tuki has made seventeen! I hope we can make a wish! If you want to learn how to make paper cranes, look down and you will see the steps!

~ Green Bird
1. Fold and fold again. Paper Crane - Step 1
2. Fold Once more and unfold. Paper Crane - Step 2
3. Life front right corner up and over to the left. Paper Crane - Step 3
4. Flatten. Paper Crane - Step 4
5. Flip over and repeat steps 2-3. Paper Crane - Step 5
6. Flatten. Paper Crane - Step 6
7. Fold top sheet to center. Paper Crane - Step 7
8. ... Paper Crane - Step 8
9. Fold down and unfold. Paper Crane - Step 9
10. Open folds 7 and 8. Paper Crane - Step 10
11. Lift up top sheet. Paper Crane - Step 11
12. Flatten. Paper Crane - Step 12
13. Flip over. Paper Crane - Step 13
14. Repeat steps 7-13 on the back. Paper Crane - Step 14
15. ... Paper Crane - Step 15
16. Fold top sheet along dotted lines. Paper Crane - Step 16

18. Flip over and repeat steps 16-18. Paper Crane - Step 18
19. ... Paper Crane - Step 19
20. Fold up along dotted lines. Paper Crane - Step 20
21. ... Paper Crane - Step 21
22. Unfold and tuck sides up into folds. Paper Crane - Step 22
23. ... Paper Crane - Step 23
24. Blow to inflate, and pull wings out. Paper Crane - Step 24
25. Fold head along dotted line, unfold, and tuck into fold. Paper Crane - Step 25
paper crane Paper Crane - Step 26 - done

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jr. Leaders

So Purple Pixie, Tuki, and I have started a new program at the YMCA. It is called Jr. Leaders. It is really fun because you discuss thing and sometimes go on field trips. The last one we went on was at the Family Fun Galaxy. There is a really fun game called Laser Tag. It is when you put on a vest and then you have a fake laser gun and you can shot other peoples vests. Well, I have to go!!

~ Green Bird 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Our new deck

Well, our house under construction. Men are working on a two-story deck. So far they've done SO good!!!! I've been on BOTH stories. They already have the roof up on the second story.  So they also have the doors up!! They are really fast at doing their  job!        


Friday, September 23, 2011

" Saving" Cats

Today me, Purple pixie, and Tuki all wanted to pretend to save cats. We have saved eight cats and one raccoon. They are stuffed animals, though. Some of their names are Butterfly, Tina, And Sox. We can't wait till school is over so we can turn our school room into a vet clinic. I'm going to be the check out. I would love it if I could be the check out lady!!!!! I love playing "Saving" cats!!!!          

                                :) Greenbird:)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today my mom and I made a skirt. First we had to measure the waist. Then I sewed the casing for the elastic band. Then we measured the length. Then I added the ruffle trim (that's me adding the trim <--- ) and hem. Then I put the elastic in and sewed the side. It's the best skirt I've ever had!