Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Excited!

I'm excited because since we're halfway through the year (the school year) we are going to go to an American Girl Doll fashion show! My mom got us tickets. I'm going to wear an outfit that matches my doll. I have Julie. I Julie because she is a very amazing American Girl.

I'm also excited about the plays I'm in. One of them is called The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. And the other is Tea Time for Felicity, an American Girl play. I like being in plays because then I won't be afraid of talking to people anymore.

So I was wondering if you have anything going on that you're excited about???


  1. Hi Green Bird,
    I think we might be going to the American Girl fashoin show too! And i'm in tea for Felicity!

    Talk to you soon!:)

  2. Hey Sisty!
    I can't wait for the fashion show!! :D Julie is an awesome doll!

  3. Hi Green Bird,
    What fashion show are you going to?:)

  4. What fashion show are you going to?

  5. What location is the fashion show & what does the money from the tickets go towards?

  6. Green Bird please post soon!

  7. Hey Green Bird, that's cool! :) You're pretty lucky! I'm going to an after-school activity's special event today! :D Well, bye!

    ♥ Piper

    P.S. Please post again soon! I miss reading your cute little entries!